The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
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Cookieless Digital Advertising Strategies [Video]

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Digital Advertising Strategies for a Cookieless World

As digital advertising evolves towards a cookieless future, advertisers need to know what they can do today to plan successful campaigns when third-party data sources are eliminated.In a world where B2B buyers are already increasingly wary of disclosing personal details and freely consenting to tracking, the challenge of reaching and engaging audiences is more critical than ever.

In this session, Demandbase’s Gareth Noonan, General Manager of Advertising, and Jennifer Hughes, Principal Digital Expert, share the evolution of B2B advertising strategy amid Google’s fundamental changes to the web-based digital experience.

Discover innovative strategies for targeting and measuring success in a cookieless world, ensuring your campaigns remain effective and relevant as Google continues to phase out third party cookies.

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