How Desire Paths can Transform your Branding and Public Relations
How Desire Paths can Transform your Branding and Public Relations
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How To Scale To $1 Million and Beyond As a Course Creator – The Market Position Method [Video]

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How To Scale To $1 Million and Beyond As a Course Creator – The Market Position Method

How To Scale To $1 Million and Beyond As a Course Creator – The Market Position Method

The secret is repackaging your knowledge in different ways,

in different types of programs,

so that you can offer it at different price points,

so that you can enter and compete in different market segments.

If you are only selling your product, service, course or coaching program in ONE format, to only ONE segment of the market – you are simply losing the opportunity to touch many more lives (and make waaaaaay more moolah).

In Sarah Cordiner’s world, the world isn’t a globe, the world is a triangle…

This is the world of all business owners….

The majority of the population have a lower disposable income.

That massive bottom end of the triangle is the biggest sector of the market. It contains the most people on the planet.

In fact, Pareto’s law tells us that over 80% of the population of the world fit into this lower disposable income bracket.

Meaning, that is where most of the people are.

If you want to impact as many lives as you possibly can, then you must have a low priced offering of some kind, because the majority of the market simply are not in a position to pay higher prices.

It’s just the reality of the way that the wealth in the world is distributed.

Have you got a low-priced version of everything you sell to touch this ‘low price, but high volume’ sector of the market?

Looking back at the world and the market as a triangle, at the tippy top end of the triangle, is the market segment that has high disposable income.

These are the people that not only desire to have a VIP experience, a really exclusive, special, intimate, done-for-you, magical experience – but also have the money to pay for it.

And again, Pareto’s Law: 20% of the world own about 80% of the world’s wealth.

So, if you want the best chances possible of having the greatest business success, then sell to ALL segments of the market by having a low priced product that you can sell to the masses,

and high ticket product that you can sell to that exclusive VIP section of the market,

and then something in the middle.

If you can repackage up what you know in these three ways, you are going to create for yourself the biggest opportunity possible for people to buy from you and to make the most amount of sales possible in your business.


If you want to create a solid IP Framework, a profitable customer journey and learn how to package up your expertise into courses, memberships and a thriving business, come and join my Legends Lab where I help experts become stand-out educators in their field.

Sarah x

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