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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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Panel discussion: Whats to come for HubSpot Service Hub [Video]

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At Grow With Inbound 2020, Taryn Reyneke of Huble Digital hosted a panel discussion with Corrie Freudenstein, Head of Marketing at Leybold, and Gayle Wheaton, Director of Go-to-Market Strategy at HubSpot.

In this blog, we discuss some elements from the Q&A which focused on the new, exciting features that HubSpot Service Hub is introducing for Enterprise-level companies.

Taryn kicked off the panel by noting how more Enterprise businesses are using HubSpot as a central source of truth for operations. Interestingly, this increased adoption coincides with the launch and growth of HubSpot Service Hub. Taryn believes this is because the platform enables a simple and frictionless customer experience, from marketing to sales to delighting customers.

That insight would go on to inform the panel discussion:

Taryn: Corrie, can you tell us how Leybold is using HubSpot’s Service Hub and how the platform has helped streamline team operations across multiple channels? 

Corrie:Absolutely! We’ve been …

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