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Marketing Analytics and Reporting

The changing expectations for a digital marketer

Consumer complexity continues to accelerate as third-party cookies continue to crumble. More than half of consumers use five or more online sources before buying. Out of the billions of searches conducted daily on Google, over 15% of users are ‘new’ and have never been seen before.

The use of channels, devices, and formats by audiences includes more touchpoints than anybody can manage alone. Users are increasingly concerned about how their information is collected for online advertising and data privacy. These changes mean digital marketing and measurement will lose functionality and effectiveness if marketers don’t change their processes.

That’s why GA4’s design embodies Google’s industry-leading approach to privacy and changes in the marketing ecosystem. Google Analytics 4 mitigates third-party cookie loss by leveraging first-party-based measurement and robust conversion modeling. Marketers can then get a more accurate picture of web and app performance through collecting, injecting, modeling, and activating available data in GA4.

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