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Review Management Platform for Your Business [Video]

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How do I start using SocialPilot Review?

Start by creating a brand for each client, adding locations under each brand, connecting Google or Facebook pages (if available), uploading your contact list, and then initiating a campaign to collect reviews.

Can I add multiple locations for a single brand?

Yes, you can add single or multiple locations under each brand, catering to both single-location businesses and multi-location brands.

How does the review collection process work?

Through campaigns, you can send SMS or emails to contacts asking for a rating. Based on the response, it directs satisfied customers to your Google Business Profile, Facebook, or other platforms to leave a review.

Can I seek direct feedback from unhappy customers?

Ratings below average are directed to an intermediate feedback page, allowing you to collect customer reviews as feedback without directing them to public review platforms.

Can I customize the content of the emails and SMS messages sent to customers?

Yes, the tool offers customizable email and SMS content, enabling you to tailor the messages according to …

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