Memberships Gifting [Video]

With Memberships Gifting, you and your existing channel members can purchase “Gift Memberships” for other viewers who aren’t yet members. A pre-set number of channel memberships can be bought in a single purchase during a live stream or Premiere, then YouTube will “gift” this set number out to other viewers in your community. Your viewers who receive a Gift Membership get 1 month of access to your channel membership perks – like loyalty badges, custom emoji and more – without paying any charges. Any creator with Memberships will be enabled for this feature, and you'll receive your usual channel membership revenue share from each transaction. For more info about Memberships, check out theses articles: 0:00 Memberships Gifting Overview 1:19 How Memberships Gifting Works 1:59 How Viewers Receive Gift Memberships 3:08 Membership Type Analytics 3:20 Best Practices for Memberships Gifting Subscribe and hit the bell to see new videos: ► Check out our Help Center: