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How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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The Complete Email Automation Guide: Examples, Tips, and More [Video]

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A well-built email automation workflow is a system that streamlines email marketing activities, enabling you to engage more users without burning your team out with repetitive and mundane email operations.

Email marketing involves many moving parts, from lead capturing and nurturing to contact segmentation, email personalization, etc. These tasks are time-consuming and can prevent teams from focusing on more productive tasks. With a system that streamlines your activities and runs your operations on autopilot, you can increase your team’s efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

This article explores the following:

  • Overview of email automation and its benefits
  • How to set up email automation
  • Six email automation examples

Email Automation: Overview

Email automation uses well-designed software and technologies to send targeted, triggered, and personalized emails on autopilot based on preset conditions and actions. These predesigned rules determine the email messages recipients will see when they take a specific action.

For example, automated emails can be set to send welcome emails to users who subscribed …

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