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3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
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The ‘M’ Word That Nobody Likes To Talk About in Business [Video]

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The ‘M’ Word That Nobody Likes To Talk About in Business

The ‘M’ Word That Nobody Likes To Talk About in Business

I know this will be met with some friction. But money matters in business.

I know.. it’s triggering for many people.

The ‘money’ word makes some spin into rage.

Some people think that money is evil, it’s only used for evil and only evil people have it.

And a WOMAN talking about money…. well that’s definitely got me to the front of the line on the troll train; so enjoy the comments

But money IS the fuel that keeps a business alight.

I’ve seen SO many business owners going broke because they said that they don’t want to be labelled as one of those ‘money hungry greedsters’ by asking to get paid for their hard work….

Do you know ANYONE who would happily go to their job every day for FREE?

No. Because employees expect to paid for their work.

As business owners, you must understand that this is also our work, and that we must get paid if we want to keep our lights on and our kids fed too.

We don’t have somebody else dropping a paycheck into our bank accounts each month.

We don’t have anyone giving us paid annual leave.

We don’t have any policy that ensures we get paid when we are sick.

But our bills don’t pay themselves.

ALL of the pressure is on to ensure that we can pay ourselves, pay our bills and pay our staff.

Money isn’t a matter of ‘greed’, it’s a matter of necessity and survival.


Everything you do in your business must in some way contribute to your customer journey and making a profit.

EVERYTHING you do either contributes to, or takes away from your ability to survive as a business.

Keep your financial focus on in your brains.

It’s not shallow.

It’s not narrow-minded.

It’s not pig-headed for you to be focused on making more money.

It is the lifeline of any business.


I help experts commercialise their expertise, so that you can make the world a better place AND ensure that your business is maximising on the income opportunities wrapped up in your IP.

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