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How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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What are the different ways you can create courses? [Video]

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What are the different ways you can create courses?

What are the different ways you can create courses and how do you price the different types of courses?

How can you take your intellectual property—all the knowledge you’ve gained through your experiences, and present it to the world in a commercial format?

Well, in this video I will explain a number of different ways that you can package up your knowledge.

Not all ‘courses’ are the same!

Some are self-study and require ZERO input from you, and other could be highly intimate and facilitator-led.

The BEST way to maximise your profitability is to create a number of variations of your course…

some low priced, some mid-priced and some high-priced…

📍 The low-price, but high-volume courses

At the lower end of the course/content pricing spectrum, we offer eBooks, eGuides, templates, resources, free webinars, and workshop recordings. These are items you can either give away for free or sell at a low price point.

📍 Mid-price courses

As we move into our mid-tier pricing, consider self-study online courses. These courses require minimal overhead since they only need the learner to log in and consume the content at their convenience, supported by reminder emails.

Once created, these courses require very little of your time and are highly scalable.

Whether you have one student or one million, its pretty much entirely automated (especially if you are using a platform like Tekmatix).

📍 Mid-Higher priced courses

In higher-tier offerings, include more personalised experiences such as coaching programs or live training sessions. These could involve one-on-one sessions or group workshops, necessitating higher pricing due to the direct involvement of your time.

Subscriptions are a fascinating model that can fit both lower and higher pricing tiers. Despite their low individual price, subscriptions can generate significant revenue due to their cumulative nature. As more people join, your recurring monthly revenue increases, significantly boosting your bottom line and increasing your company’s valuation by providing consistent income.

📍 Top High-End Offerings

At the top of the model, you introduce intensive, personalised services like immersion retreats, bootcamps, and done-for-you services.

For example, in my course creation bootcamp, participants come away with a completed course—filmed by my crew and set up on a platform by my tech team—all within a few days.

📍 Which one should you go for?

Consider picking one hero product that aligns with your business model and what you enjoy delivering the most. This simplifies your business and ensures a clear path for customer engagement.

Even if you’re capable of offering a broad range of services—as I do with my 280,000 students—you’ll need to streamline your approach to manage effectively. Despite having multiple offerings, I prioritise my Legends Lab membership as my hero product, because it aligns closely with my preferences and style, presenting it to my customers first before other options.

However – you can, like me, offer the entire range to maximise how many you can serve and support at all market levels.

If you want to learn how to create a highly successful business with courses, coachig programs, memberships, bootcampas and digital products, come and join us in my Legends Lab:

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