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What topics can you sell to corporates as training and consulting offers? [Video]

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What topics can you sell to corporates as training and consulting offers?

What topics can you sell to corporates as training and consulting offers?

What can you package and present to a corporate client?

The beautiful thing about this is that the possibilities are endless, and even topics and trainings that might seem irrelevant to a corporate environment today are, in fact, incredibly sought after.

Corporates are engaging experts from laughter yoga, to statistical business analysts, behavior management experts, wellness advisors, and every other topic of expertise you could imagine.

Truly, every conceivable topic is in demand – as long as you know how to make it relevant to their strategic objectives and corporate mission.

(Which by the way, my ‘how to to pitch your training and consulting to corporate clients’ workshop helps you do).

No matter your area of expertise, there is an extremely lucrative market waiting for you in the corporate and B2B world.

I give some examples in this video.

You can offer training, consulting, and services remotely or in-person. Whether it’s conducting workshops, entering long-term contracts, or setting up subscription models, the opportunities to provide continuous value are endless.

Imagine a cycle where you train employees at one office, then move to another, creating a continuous loop of training and retraining that keeps your services integral to the company.

When pitching, you must ensure that you focus on how you help the company thrive.

Every solution you offer is a step towards building a more robust, engaged, and productive workforce and competitive organisation.

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