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What You MUST Do Before Creating a Course or Membership Program [Video]

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What You MUST Do Before Creating a Course or Membership Program

What You MUST Do Before Creating a Course or Membership Program

Before you even begin mapping out a course, coaching program or membership, it is ESSENTIAL that you FIRST map out your commercialisation strategy. (If you want it to be successful of course)…..

Commercialisation is step number one for creating any kind of educational content, coaching, consulting, workshop, membership program.

All things you do in your business  must be underpinned by a solid commercial structure.

📍 What does your customer journey look like?

📍 Do you have a customer journey?

Before you create any product or service, before you even think about creating that online course, creating services, any kind whatsoever,

Ask yourself:

“How does this fit into my overall business journey?

Write down every single thing that you sell.  Is it digital products?

Do you have templates? Resources? EBooks and eGuides? Webinars?

Self-study courses, coaching programs, memberships, workshops, retreats?

Once you’ve written down everything that you sell, the next step is to organise them in an order that you’d ideally I present them to your perfect customer.

Obviously in reality, not everyone steps through what we have in the exact order we put it in front of them but this underpins your marketing journey.

It underpins your sales and nurturing sequence.

Your customer journey is simply  a sequence of offers that start from the cheapest thing that you sell right the through to the most expensive thing that you sell.

Normally, we start our customer journey with our free content and lead magnets.

The very top of my Legends Lab commercialisation strategy is all of the ways that people can discover you.

Then as we start moving through my commercialization model, we convert those eyeballs into our customers or at least our contacts.

As we move down my commercialization model, now we can start nurturing that relationship further by email – sending them regular helpful emails that continue to serve them, show them that we care about them and their success – and to obviously present them with all of the different ways that we can help them reach their goal faster.

With this whole entire commercialization model in mind, we are now  pre-framed with a structure by which to then go and create products that are going to sell consistently.

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