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Adobe Introduces Generative AI Tools for Premiere Pro to Streamline Video Editing

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Adobe on Monday previewed new generative AI capabilities within Premiere Pro that are set to significantly improve video creation and production processes. The upcoming tools in Premiere Pro will allow video editors to manage their projects more efficiently by adding or removing objects, extending clips, and more, through a new video model that is part of Adobe’s Firefly suite.

Adobe’s Firefly, recognized for its capabilities in imaging and design, will now expand its expertise to include video and audio. This development is set to integrate deeply across Adobe’s Creative Cloud and Adobe Express, ensuring users experience streamlined workflows.


  • Generative AI Tools: Adobe Premiere Pro will introduce new AI tools for adding or removing objects and extending clips, powered by Adobe’s Firefly video model.
  • Integration of Third-party AI Models: Premiere Pro will include AI models from OpenAI, Pika Labs, and Runway, enhancing flexibility in video editing workflows.
  • AI-Powered Audio Editing: Fully available features in Premiere Pro …
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