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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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Astra WordPress Theme Tutorial | Build Your Own WordPress Website (For Beginners) [Video]

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Astra WordPress Theme Tutorial | Build Your Own WordPress Website (For Beginners)

In this WordPress tutorial for beginners, I walk you through the complete process of creating a WordPress website using Astra, Hostinger, and Elementor.

This complete WordPress and Astra tutorial will cover the most affordable methods for creating a stunning WordPress website in 2024.

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Thank you Hostinger for sponsoring this video and supporting our educational based channel for people to enjoy our content for free!

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– Google Search Console tutorial:
– Canva Logo tutorial:
– YouTube marketing tutorial:
– Elementor AI tutorial:
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► What does the Hostinger WordPress hosting include?

– Free domain name for one year.
– 3 months for hosting for free.
– Free SSL (site security)
– Free business email account.
– Automatic backups.
– Easy-to-use AI tools.
– E-commerce tools.
– Multilingual 24/7 chat support
– Professional website, page, and section templates.

► What are the steps I share to create your website?

1. Setup WordPress hosting with Hostinger.
2. Claim a free domain name (for one year).
3. Install WordPress and the free Astra Theme.
4. Install Elementor (Page Builder).
5. Using free templates.
6. Customizing your website pages.
7. Adding new website pages.
8. Creating a menu
9. Customizing your primary menu and footer.
10. Creating a free business email.
11. Managing your Hosting dashboard.

► Today we navigate through the below chapters for this WordPress tutorial for beginners:

0:00 Intro
01:05 Setting up Hostinger WordPress hosting
03:32 Coupon discount code
05:44 Claim a free domain name
06:48 Hostinger dashboard
07:07 WordPress dashboard
07:38 Install the free Astra theme
08:54 Install Elementor plugin
09:44 Leverage website templates
11:38 Canva for logo design
12:58 Customize pages with Elementor
18:14 Add website pages
20:24 Create/edit menus
21:55 Hostinger AI
23:00 Global Customizer
24:27 Customize Footer
26:27 Create blogs with AI
29:24 Setup business emails
30:58 Manage backups
31:10 Performance
31:58 Other strategies and resources
33:06 Outro

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Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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