How to Supercharge your Digital Marketing with Desire Paths
How to Supercharge your Digital Marketing with Desire Paths
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Be an Epic Leader | Lead Your Team to Epic Success [Video]

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Be an Epic Leader | Lead Your Team to Epic Success

Join us on the latest episode of The Leadership Toolkit podcast, where host Mike Phillips sits down with the incredible Robin Daniels, Chief Business Officer at Zensai. With a storied career spanning over 20 years, Robin has shaped the marketing strategies of tech giants like Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Box.

Leadership transcends managing tasks or steering business operations; it’s about igniting change, inspiring performance, and nurturing a culture where people flourish. Robin’s trajectory through tech giants, coupled with his leadership in various growth phases from IPOs to hyper-growth stages, underscores a pattern of success rooted in empathy, clarity, and relentless innovation.

But what truly sets apart a visionary leader? It’s their passion for “creating winning teams that do epic work.” This ethos doesn’t just fuel positive atmospheres—it transforms businesses. How, then, can you replicate this feat in your own sphere?

Tactical Steps to Realizing Visionary Leadership
1️⃣ Know Your Team Beyond the Surface: Engage deeply with team members to discover what drives them. Understanding these personal motivations allows you to foster a culture where individuals don’t just show up—they stand out.
2️⃣ Set Clear, Compelling Goals: Vague aspirations breed vague results. Leaders must articulate clear, actionable goals that resonate with their team, giving everyone something tangible to strive towards.
3️⃣ Embrace The ‘Epic’: The drive to do epic work—to embark on projects that truly shift paradigms—requires a blend of audacity and precision. Setting the bar high for yourself and your team can transform ordinary tasks into extraordinary accomplishments.
4️⃣ Foster a Culture of Authenticity: Authentic environments where teams can openly share ideas, fail, and innovate without fear are crucibles for creativity. Fostering this culture starts with you being genuine in your aspirations and actions.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned executive, this episode is for you to fuel your own path to epic success. Don’t miss out on learning from a master strategist and motivator who continues to influence fast-growth companies worldwide.

Check out these key moments from this episode:
00:00:00 Welcome to the Leadership Toolkit
00:01:16 Introducing Robin Daniels, Zensei’s CBO
00:03:10 How to Build a Team of Epic Work
00:07:55 Three Key Takeaways
00:08:59 Robin Daniels on What Motivates People
00:12:44 How Tony Robbins Changed My Life
00:14:26 The Fire Walk
00:16:51 Clarity for Others
00:17:59 Decisions Made in Leadership
00:23:57 The Importance of Strategic, Tactical, and Epic Ideas
00:30:29 How to Get Out In Front Work
00:31:28 The Importance of Attitude in Leading
00:33:41 Have You Got the Right Attitude?
00:38:14 Teaching at Work: Why Should You Do This?
00:38:50 What Are Some Key Characteristics of People on Your Team?
00:43:33 Inspiring Leaders: Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Swift, Satya Nadella
00:47:45 Final Thoughts
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