How to Market to Expensive Keywords
How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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Bonus Episode: Brand Visual Story Beyond White Backgrounds with Lindsay More Nisbett [Video]


Bonus Episode: Brand Visual Story Beyond White Backgrounds with Lindsay More Nisbett

Lindsay More Nisbett is an entrepreneur, creative director, and Co-Founder & Brand Director of The Line Studios, a leading creative production studio with expertise in creating compelling e-commerce and marketing content.
Since its inception in January 2016, Lindsay has built The Line Studios into the go-to imagery experts for top e-commerce brands, including Hill House Home, MM LaFleur, Negative Underwear, Fresh Beauty, Faherty Brand, and many more. By striking the perfect balance between a beautiful image and an efficient production process, The Line Studios has become well-known for providing their clients with best-in-class e-commerce imagery that drives incremental lift in revenue.
Lindsay’s vision for The Line Studios transcends mere visuals; it’s about crafting exceptional e-commerce imagery that not only elevates the client’s brand but also translates into outstanding results. Her unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality visuals has allowed The Line Studios to capture the very essence of their client’s products and effectively convey their brand’s unique message to consumers.
Lindsay More Nisbett continues to shape the Ecommerce landscape, setting new standards of excellence with each project undertaken by The Line Studios.

In This Conversation We Discuss:
[00:46] Intro
[02:39] Shifting from ad campaigns to Ecommerce
[03:56] Bridging luxury brands’ Ecomm struggles
[05:34] Incorporating brand voice through imagery
[08:06] Elevating basic product imagery
[09:37] Crafting visual brand language
[11:29] The ROI of experimenting with imagery
[12:56] Focusing on best-selling products
[14:06] Investing strategically in assets
[15:38] Standing out against competition
[17:11] Diversifying video content
[18:43] Building trust through imagery
[20:23] Limitations of AI in imagery
[22:04] Rising trends in ecommerce imagery
[23:52] Reevaluating website priorities
[24:48] Evolving consumer behavior
[25:20] Reach out to The Line Studios

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