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Can You Guarantee Results in Legal Marketing? [Video]

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Can You Guarantee Results in Legal Marketing?

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Hugo E. Gomez is the founder of Abogados NOW, a national Spanish marketing agency which helps attorneys advertise to underrepresented communities. With a mission to forge greater awareness of Spanish-speaking communities, Hugo and his team create high-performing and cost-effective Spanish digital marketing campaigns to help attorneys grow their firms.

Hugo’s passion for empowering underrepresented communities began early in his career. He noticed a gap in the legal industry and set out to create a solution. With years of experience in digital marketing and a keen understanding of the Spanish-speaking market, Hugo developed a custom Spanish marketing plan that helps attorneys reach a market that other firms are missing.

At Abogados NOW, Hugo leads a team of human beings who are not just marketing experts, but advocates for justice. They implement multicultural best practices and accurate data to create effective lead generation programs that maximize ROI for legal practices. Through their work, Hugo and his team help communities find justice by connecting them with the legal professionals who can help them.

Thanks to Hugo’s vision and leadership, Abogados NOW has become the first choice partner for legal practices looking to tap into Spanish Speaking communities across the country. By leveraging digital marketing and data-driven solutions, they help attorneys achieve their business goals while making a difference in the lives of those who need legal help the most.

Connect with Hugo:

Website: https://www.abogadosnow.com/
LinkedIn: (https://www.linkedin.com/in/bilingualmarketing/)

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