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How Desire Paths can Transform your Branding and Public Relations
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Create an AI Film Start to Finish [Video]

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Create an AI Film Start to Finish

Find the perfect song for your next video with Musicbed’s Ai search. – (14 day free trial!)

With generative ai becoming more and more “real” I thought I’d experiment to see how much you can actually create using AI tools. It’s not as simple as one might think.

๐Ÿ“ Signup for Gal’s Ai Course Waitlist:

๐Ÿ“Get the Gal Toolkit Extension for Pr to get 1565 FX to spice up your edits:

๐Ÿ“Don’t have Premiere Pro? Try the creative cloud, lots of Ai built-in Pr already โžœ

Other Ai Tools I recommend:
– Ai Captioning Tools:
– Runway
– Topaz Ai for Upscale/Enhance Photo & Video
– BorisFX Upres and Ai Audio Restoration:
0:00 The prompt
1:22 Developing the Script with ChatGPT
2:00 Using Runway Ai Gen-2 to Generate Videos
7:12 Finding Music
9:53 Remixing Music
11:05 Assembly
12:03 Voiceover Generation
12:51 Audio SFX Generation
14:11 Stacking SFX
14:53 Spicing it up with the Toolkit
15:15 Captions
15:45 Sharing the Final Edit with Mandy Celine
18:21 Important final thoughts
gal editing keyboard โžœ
my camera โžœ
35mm lens โžœ
usb microphone โžœ
wireless lav microphone โžœ
microphone arm mount โžœ
on-camera monitor โžœ
headphones โžœ
key light โžœ
tripod โžœ
computer โžœ or
mouse โžœ (includes free adobe creative cloud subscription)
stock footage and templates from Motion Array โžœ
more footage and sfx from Envato Element โžœ
animating captions โžœ
voice improvement and restoration tools โžœ
magic bullet color by red giant โžœ
motion tween and other transitions โžœ (30 days free)
Website โžœ

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