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5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags
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Elevate Your Team with Character and Work Ethic [Video]

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Elevate Your Team with Character and Work Ethic

In every corner of modern industry, there are lessons on leadership, growth, and success waiting to be unearthed by those willing to dig a little deeper. Key insights on character, work ethic, and growth. Within the American oil industry, a goldmine of such wisdom has emerged, relayed by RJ Burr, a third-generation oil producer, during an enlightening conversation on the “The Leadership Toolkit” podcast hosted by Mike Phillips. RJ’s journey offers invaluable insights into not just the oil business, but also into dynamic leadership, resilience, and the merits of a strong character.

Embarking on his profession with a captivating familial heritage in the oil business, RJ embraced his legacy, acknowledging how early exposure to his family’s endeavors lit the path toward his future. With over thirty years navigating the oscillations of oil markets, his expertise isn’t confined to the operational mechanics but spans integral lessons in maneuvering through life and business obstacles with finesse.

RJ speaks to the magnitude of influence wielded by those we admire—how observing passionate pursuit in any field could light one’s own path. He ardently discusses the intrinsic value of soaking in wisdom from prolific names like Og Mandino and Zig Ziglar while emphasizing the vast potential with which we are wired, positioning learning and adapting as non-negotiable traits of success.

For RJ Burr, the compass for navigating both personal Landry scape and the tumultuous terrains of the oil industry was a steadfast moral code, adherence to absolute integrity, and an indomitable spirit of positivity. He articulates the significance of matching one’s reactions to the unforeseen with a character crafted out of good moral clay, reinforcing the ideology that while the world’s response is beyond our control, our handling of situations is very much within our grasp.

Here are some key takeaways from this episode.
1️⃣ Having a clear purpose and passion for one’s work leads to success; this is evident in RJ Burr’s lifelong dedication to oil and gas.
2️⃣ The impact of being around familial and industry influences is crucial for developing leadership qualities and industry acumen.
3️⃣ Programming oneself with positive and impactful insights is vital, as evidenced by Burr’s reference to motivational speakers and personal experiences.
4️⃣ Making ethical choices and maintaining a positive attitude are essential qualities for leaders, shaping success in both personal and business lives.
5️⃣ Investing in personal growth through reading and learning is a lifelong process with significant returns, as demonstrated by Burr’s habit of consuming books.

Check out these times during our discussion. It was truly amazing.
00:00:00 Welcome to The Leadership Toolkit
00:01:48 Introducing RJ Burr
00:06:21 Morally conflicted in the oil and gas industry
00:07:44 Exploring the American Oil Industry
00:12:25 First Life in Oil, Second Life in Education
00:19:32 What about Solar and Wind Energy?
00:24:15 What Are the Qualities That You Look For in a teammate?
00:33:54 Drilling for Oil and Sand
00:36:11 Looking Back: Standing on the Back of Giants
00:37:28 The Second Factor of Success in Business
00:41:47 We’re Ruining the World
00:45:32 Notes on Bill Clinton
00:50:00 RJ Burr, Final Thoughts
00:53:14 The Leadership Toolkit

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