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How to Supercharge your Digital Marketing with Desire Paths
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Extreme Hospitality is a Way of Life for this ‘Disruptive Chef’ [Video]

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Extreme Hospitality is a Way of Life for this ‘Disruptive Chef’

Christian J. Fischer, an author, culinary coach, and stalwart in the hospitality industry, emphasizes the gravity of hospitality in his life. For the chef, hospitality is not just a profession. It’s ingrained in him through his upbringing in Austrian culture.

Watch now to learn about hospitality being in your blood, helping chefs become authors, and how to give back to your industry.

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[03:21] – Who is Christian Fischer?
[05:22] – Hospitality in Austria
[06:04] – The First Night Restaurant
[18:30] – Simplifying the Book Writing Process for Chefs?
[22:03] – Why Giving Back to the Industry is Important
[28:08] – Digging Into Online Branding

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Hospitality is Serious Business – According to Christian Fischer, Austria is known for its hospitality. Therefore, it is an industry that is taken very seriously and requires formal education. In the end, it is customary for everyone to be treated as family.

Complexity is the Enemy of Execution – Christian Fischer believes that anyone who has found an efficient way to complete a task has a responsibility to share that knowledge with the world by writing a book. He has come up with a system to make it easier for that to become a reality for others.

Combating Mental Health Issues in the Chef Industry – Unfortunately, Christian Fischer has had to deal with tragedy surrounding friends and colleagues. As a way to combat the cause and give back to the industry, he helped develop the Culinary Leadership Academy, which provides a safe space for individuals to ask for help and be a part of the community.


Christian J. Fischer is originally from a small town in Austria, Growing up in a hotel, Fischer was almost forced into becoming a chef. He has developed a passion for giving back to chefs and culinary professionals through mentorship and coaching. Fischer has a mission to foster a positive culture where passion and professionalism meet, and industry professionals are inspired and empowered to take advantage of every opportunity to grow.

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