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How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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How AI is transforming your online business [Video]

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How AI is transforming your online business

AI is changing how people behave leading to significant impacts to your business

1. First, We are all being trained, some more than others on, using conversation to find, interact and create content.

LLMS – ChatGPT, Bard, Perplexity.
Image Generation – Midjourney, Adobe, Leonardo
Audio – Eleven Labs, Play.HT
Video – Pika, Runway, Heygen, Synthesia

2. Second, Every single software company that we use regularly that we use is adding AI as features…mostly as conversational assistants
MS Copilot
Atlassian – Confluence, Jira
Hubspot and SalesForce,

And with multi-modality, we can go beyond a text input to voice, image and video

Slowly but surely, these two developments are change how we behave and what we expect when it comes to content and information.

Andy Crestodina had a great article where mention – It’s not how Google will adapt to AI but how we will adapt to it.

And really the question is what will the results of that behaviour change be?

For businesses, how will people interact with our online presence as a result of this behaviour?

From being found online to how people get their information from our websites and others.

For many business, paid search (Google Ads) is one of the easiest way to be found.
Bid on high-buying intent or commercial intent keywords in your niche.

And then there’s organic search…
the whole SEO industry is built on ranking your content so people go back to your website.

But conversational search AI, doesn’t jive with any of these if people are getting the information they need through a conversation.

Why would I need to click on links when the information is just provided. Sure I may want to verify the info but not for every search.

Same thing on a website.

The way we have built websites have generally remained the same for decades.

People have to browse your site through menus and CTA’s to get what they want.

But, what if people could just get the answer via conversation OR the web pages are built dynamically based on the conversation for a truly personalized experience for each visitor.

I really think now is the time to start re-evaluating, rethinking what it means for our businesses to be “online.”

It’s not hard to start connecting the dots between changing behaviour and where new opportunities are or going to be.

What do you think? What are some ways AI could change your business?


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