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5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags
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How To Make YouTube Shorts – The Complete Guide (2024!) [Video]

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How To Make YouTube Shorts – The Complete Guide (2024!)

How to make YouTube Shorts in 2024! Here’s everything you need to know, including how to create YouTube Shorts, the ideal YouTube Shorts length and some great YouTube Shorts ideas.

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Jordana Grace’s Completed YouTube Shorts Video!:

Where To Find More From Jordana Grace:
► YouTube: @TheJordanaGrace
► TikTok: @thejordanagrace
► Instagram: @thejordanagrace

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00:00 How To Make YouTube Shorts – The Complete Guide (2024!)
00:35 How To Find YouTube Shorts on Mobile
00:54 How To Find YouTube Shorts on Desktop
01:10 YouTube Shorts Mobile Overview & Interface
05:45 How To Record YouTube Shorts on Mobile
05:59 How To Use Green Screen Effect
06:49 YouTube Shorts Filming Tip #1
07:19 YouTube Shorts Filming Tip #2
08:00 Additional Features While Filming YouTube Shorts
08:55 How To Use Align Feature In YouTube
09:46 How To Add Music To YouTube Shorts
13:30 How To Upload YouTube Shorts on Mobile & Upload Settings
14:34 How To Link Related Video in YouTube Shorts
15:09 Why You Should Allow Remixing of Your YouTube Shorts
16:15 How To Upload YouTube Shorts on Desktop & Upload Settings
17:05 Create Better Quality YouTube Shorts
17:16 How To Check Your YouTube Shorts Analytics
17:30 Where To Find Your Revenue Details

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— How to Make a YouTube Short – Complete Beginner Guide! —

YouTube Shorts are more popular than ever! There have been some big changes and updates recently, so we thought it was time for an updated guide on how to make YouTube Shorts.

In case you’re new to the YouTube game and are wondering ‘what are YouTube Shorts?’- they’re YouTube’s answer to TikTok videos. Short form content that are vertical and easy to consume on mobile devices.

We’ll cover everything you need to know including how to make YouTube Shorts videos, YouTube Shorts size ratio, the ideal YouTube Shorts length and more!

If you want to know how to get views on YouTube Shorts, then this YouTube Shorts tutorial is for you. You’ll learn to make high quality Shorts videos, plus you’ll pick up some great YouTube Shorts ideas along the way.

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