How to Market to Expensive Keywords
How to Market to Expensive Keywords
5 Steps to Creating Successful Ads

Kelly Mortimers 9-Step Action Plan to Stop Couples Ghosting [Video]

Landing Pages and Conversion to Sale

Internationally renowned wedding business consultant and expert Kelly Mortimer is dedicated to helping wedding vendors boost their revenue and conversion rates. As a guest host for the recent Easy Weddings webinar ‘Stop Getting Ghosted and Get More Bookings in Your Diary’, she helped us craft an actionable plan to convert more inquiries to bookings. Here’s what we learned.

Wedding Business coach Kelly Mortimer.

Today’s couples are overwhelmed by choices. They often find themselves paralysed by indecision or bury their heads in the sand, avoiding committing to wedding suppliers. As vendors, it’s crucial to understand the dynamics of client engagement and the psychology behind decision-making.

To understand how to stand out in a crowded inbox and avoid being forgotten about, we must first consider the varying levels of interest, from cold to warm to hot leads. The key to success is understanding this spectrum and adjusting our approach accordingly, Kelly says.

Drawing parallels between business listings like Easy Weddings, and the world of online dating …

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