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7 Invisible Obstacles to Digital Marketing Success
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Meet the Attorney: Law Firm Operations [Video]

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Meet the Attorney: Law Firm Operations

Kip Bilderback is an almost thirty-year veteran of the Legal Industry and firm owner. He brings a broad range of experience in Law and Legal Regulation, Operations Management, Information Systems, Finance, Marketing and Strategic Planning.

Beginning as a law clerk with his firm, Millsap & Singer, Bilderback mastered the aspects of Legal Practice and Law Office Management, taking, with his partners, the law firm from ten employees to over 122, developing from a purely analog case management approach to a fully integrated network and operations infrastructure. Bilderback lead his firm and assisted the industry successfully through the mortgage crisis of the early 2000’s through the COVID crisis and related moratoria, including dramatic changes in the stakeholders and regulatory environment.

Connect with Kip:
Website: http://bilderbackadvisors.com/

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