The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
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Tara Furiani: HR, Engagement and the Employer Brand [Video]

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In episode 688 of the HRchat Podcast, we talk about employee engagement and why employer branding matters more than ever.

My guest this time is Tara Furiani, host of the awesome Not the HR Lady podcast. Combining a razor-sharp wit with over two decades of expertise in the people business, Tara fuses scholarly depth with battle-tested experience, making her a tour de force in HR, executive team-building, DEI, and corporate culture.

Her dual Master’s degrees in Psychology and Organizational Leadership, coupled with a Bachelor’s in Marketing, form a strong academic backdrop. Throw in advanced certifications in Predictive Index and DiSC behavioral analytics, and you get an intellectual maven attuned to the multi-layered challenges of businesses.

Outside the professional sphere, Tara doesn’t just talk work-life balance; she lives it. A loving parent to five kids, Tara also hosts the popular podcast “Not the HR Lady,” – offering fresh perspectives on the stale ideologies plaguing businesses today.

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