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The Drums Daily Briefing: Apples ad apology and beware the WPP AI voice scam [Video]

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Apple has issued an apology for its latest iPad Pro advertisement, which has been condemned for being “out of touch” with its creative community.

As we reported yesterday, few ads in recent memory have elicited the kind of backlash this Apple commercial faced from the ad industry and beyond. Writing on X, the actor Hugh Grant summarized it as “the destruction of the human experience, courtesy of Silicon Valley”. Now, it has been pulled from TV broadcast following negative reactions across social media and Apple has promised to revisit its campaign strategy. Read more on AdAge.

The ad industry observers who panned the commercial will treat Apple’s concession as vindication. But with some of their counterparts decrying that the outpouring of fury over the ad left little room for nuanced debate, did the backlash go too far?

WPP CEO deepfake scam

Mark Read, …

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