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How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
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The Impact of Word of Mouth for Product Growth with Kevin Lavelle – Honest Ecommerce Ep. 279 [Video]


The Impact of Word of Mouth for Product Growth with Kevin Lavelle – Honest Ecommerce Ep. 279

Kevin Lavelle is the CEO and Co-Founder of Harbor. He brings a wealth of experience from his role as the Founder and Chairman of Mizzen+Main, having invented the world’s first performance fabric dress shirt.

With a successful growth round raised from L Catterton, partnerships with world-renowned athletes like Phil Mickelson and JJ Watt, and a background in omnichannel retail, Kevin is not only a dedicated entrepreneur but also a loving husband and father of two.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

[00:44] Intro
[00:55] Building a secure and reliable baby monitor
[02:24] Creating a performance-fabric dress shirt
[03:23] Debunking “if you build it, they will come”
[04:11] Seeking technology to enhance family life
[05:01] The unreliability of phone apps for monitoring
[05:54] Striving to improve early parenting years
[06:39] Improving novel ideas into successful products
[07:16] Validating demand through actual sales efforts
[08:48] Generating awareness with creative marketing
[09:41] Building customer bonds with thoughtful gestures
[10:33] Navigating incorrect assumptions confidently
[11:04] Electric Eye: Your true Shopify expert
[12:01] Finding customers where they are
[12:38] Acknowledging the flaws of initial products
[13:14] Valuing friends’ early support in business
[14:15] Benefits of membership-based relationships
[15:57] The cost of building quality products
[17:56] Prioritizing innovation and customer experience
[18:42] Marketing challenges of one vs. multiple products
[19:36] The constant influx of new customers
[20:59] The power of parent-to-parent endorsements
[22:16] The evolution of influencer marketing
[24:53] Engaging with celebrity moms and influencers
[25:36] Acknowledging the value of wholesale partners
[26:29] Maintaining organic audience engagement
[27:37] Cutting through the noise with authentic content
[28:45] Connecting with Kevin and Harbor

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