The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
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The Latest In Google Ads (And Why Fundamentals Still Matter In the Age of AI) [Video]

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The Latest In Google Ads (And Why Fundamentals Still Matter In the Age of AI)

The discussion will focus on the latest updates announced at Google Marketing Live, making the most of AI in Ads, and why marketing fundamentals like relevant ad content and landing pages that resonate and convert still matter.

What You’ll Learn:
Understanding of Google’s Latest Ad Innovations: Learn about the new tools and features unveiled at Google Marketing Live and how they can be applied to your marketing strategies.
Enhanced Strategies for AI Utilization: Gain insights into how AI can be used not just for automation, but also for enhancing creative elements of ads, improving personalization, and optimizing campaign results.
Importance of Marketing Fundamentals: Discover strategies to ensure that while you implement the latest technologies, the core aspects of good marketing practices are not overlooked, ensuring your ads resonate with and convert your target audience.

Why It Is Important:

Direct Expert Insights: Ginny Marvin, as Google’s Ads Product Liaison, brings firsthand knowledge and expert insights into the latest features and strategies that Google is implementing. This direct line to an insider’s perspective is invaluable for understanding the intricacies of AI integration in ads and how you can leverage these tools for your marketing needs.

Practical Application of AI in Ads: Artificial intelligence is transforming how marketers create, manage, and optimize ads. This webinar will delve into practical applications of AI, helping you understand how to use these advancements to improve ad relevance, audience targeting, and overall campaign performance.

Balancing Innovation with Fundamentals: Despite the rapid advancement in advertising technologies, the fundamentals of marketing—like creating relevant ad content and developing landing pages that effectively convert visitors—are still paramount. This discussion will reinforce why these elements remain crucial and how they can be integrated with new technologies to maximize your marketing strategy.

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