How Desire Paths can Transform your Branding and Public Relations
How Desire Paths can Transform your Branding and Public Relations
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The Secrets to Intentional Leadership [Video]

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The Secrets to Intentional Leadership

Every journey of self-improvement begins with intentionality. But what does it mean to live and lead intentionally? According to Stan Gibson, it’s about creating a life and leadership style that’s not only reactive to circumstances but proactively shaping them in alignment with your values and goals. It’s a concept deeply embedded in his book, “Living a Rich and Intentional Life.”

In this episode of The Leadership Toolkit Mike Phillips interviews Stan Gibson, a corporate executive turned author, speaker, and leadership guru, who unfolded the curtain to reveal actionable insights that direct us back to the essence of intentional living and true leadership.

Stan, with his persona radiating years of experience in leadership and real estate, shared personal revelations, and pragmatic guidance all aimed at fostering growth — not just internally but extending the roots deep into our immediate circles and beyond.

During the podcast, Stan emphasizes that the heartbeat of living a rich, fulfilling life pivots around the axis of intentionality. Drawing from a poignant story involving a friend diagnosed with cancer, he brings to light that the zest of life magnifies manifold when the shadow of mortality looms close. This tale wasn’t just a wake-up call for Stan but serves as a universal reminder. Why wait for adversity to recognize the treasury of the present?

Filled with relatable anecdotes and a captivating wisdom that only comes from genuinely understanding human dynamics, Stan articulates the crux of effective leadership — empathy. Cloaked under his experiences is an underlying theme that impactful leadership extends beyond strategies and goals; it delves deeper into nurturing, listening, and elevating others through genuine connection and coaching prowess.

Today Stan shared some amazing insights:
1. Seize Change, Craft Destiny: Use challenges as a fulcrum to leverage and architect the life and career you envision.
2. The Power of Intention: Lead engaging, fuller lives by infusing our daily run with deep intentionality and purposeful actions.
3. Nurturing Leads to Flourishing: Foster growth around you through empathetic leadership, focused on engaging and uplifting dialogue.
4. Transformative Morning Rituals: Cultivate habits that prime you for success, charged with attention to mental, physical, and emotional well-being.
5. When Many Seek Direction, Offer Compassions: Leadership thrives not solely on intellect but substantially on emotional intelligence and empathy – ripe qualities that beckon cultivation.

Check out these key moments in the show:
00:00:00 Welcome to The Leadership Toolkit
00:00:54 Introducing Stan Gibson
00:03:00 Being Rich and Intentional in Your Life
00:09:01 Leaders: Emotional Intelligence and Consulting
00:12:45 What Makes a Good Coach?
00:18:57 Coaching Remotely
00:23:31 Knowing Versus Caring
00:26:35 Taking Care of Yourself
00:31:06 Rituals For Leaders
00:32:42 How Important is Sleep for Leaders?
00:38:29 Restoring YourselfWith Grounding
00:46:19 Good Habits for People
00:46:58 Stan Gibson on Having a Board of Directors
00:49:54 Investing in Yourself
00:53:25 Thanks for watching: The Leadership Toolkit – Please LIKE and Subscribe

If you’re looking to inspire change, enhance your leadership skills, and lead with vision and purpose, then this episode is for you!

Don’t miss this transformative conversation! Tune in this Wednesday at 12:05 pm MST / 2:05 pm EST to The Leadership Toolkit podcast with your host Mike Phillips and special guest Stan Gibson.

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