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How to Reach your Market in a World Ruled by Generative AI
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Thriving As a Leader and Making an Impact on Your Team. [Video]

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Thriving As a Leader and Making an Impact on Your Team.

On this episode of The Leadership Toolkit podcast, Mike Phillips interviews the incredible Dr. Renee Moorefield. They have a lot of discussion on thriving as a leader and making an impact on the people you come in contact with. Renee Moorfield, PhD, and CEO of Wisdom Works, shares a riveting insight into transforming leadership through a potent yet often overlooked factor – well-being.

Beyond her extraordinary journey from an exercise physiologist to spearheading a movement towards leader and organizational thriving, her exploration into the core of leadership brings us to a valuable realization: The well-being of a leader is a significant catalyst for their effectiveness and impact.

In leadership, thriving goes beyond merely surviving; it’s about flourishing even in the face of adversity. Thriving leaders create ripples that transform their teams, organizations, and ultimately, the industry they are a part of. This involves being internally well-resourced—possessing clarity, resilience, and a strong sense of purpose.

Check out these key takeaways from his episode
1️⃣ Effective leadership is deeply connected to personal well-being; up to 34% of a leader’s impact can be tied to their psychological well-being.
2️⃣ Critical leadership qualities include a clear vision and purpose for one’s life, a sense of wonder, and the capacity to energize and inspire others.
3️⃣ Leaders can amplify their effectiveness by focusing on personal thriving, which involves being internally well-resourced to handle life’s challenges.
4️⃣ Small actions like deep breathing and taking brief walks can significantly impact stress management and clarity of thinking.
5️⃣ Assessment tools, like WisdomWorks’ Be Well, Lead Well Pulse, can play a pivotal role in providing non-judgmental feedback and holistic understanding of one’s leadership and well-being.

PLUS – Discover how Wisdom Works’ Be Well Lead Well® platform is transforming workplaces and communities by prioritizing well-being and positive impact. Whether at work, home, or beyond, learn how you can join this global movement of change leaders dedicated to thriving in every aspect of life. 🌿💡 You can visit for more information.

Check out these key moments in this episode of The Leadership Toolkit:
00:00:00 Welcome to The Leadership Toolkit
00:01:20 Introducing Dr. Renee Moorefield
00:05:11 What is a Social Enterprise
00:08:36 The link between Well-Being and Effective Leadership
00:11:41 The Leadership Ripple Effect
00:17:20 Breathing and Walking – Get moving!
00:21:27 Be Well, Lead, Well
00:24:35 The Well-Being of Leaders
00:28:47 Top Leadership Qualities
00:32:25 The Well-Being Tool
00:36:14 How to Manage Your Own Life
00:42:23 Micro-Management for Your Leadership
00:47:02 Final thought and thank you for watching!
Don’t miss this empowering conversation! Listen now and elevate your leadership journey. 📈💪

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