How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
5 Steps to Creating Successful Ads

Thursday Stir [Video]

Social Media Marketing


-People elevate their dogs in their lives, sometimes to royalty status. Open up social media and you’ll be flooded with videos showcasing the joy of owning a dog. But in the latest advertising campaign for leading global canine health and genetics company, Embark Veterinary, creative AOR Colossus brought to life the joy that comes with discovering your dog’s genetic makeup. A video of a couple finding out their dog is of royal lineage goes way over the top, but not out of the realm of true dog lovers.

-Two of the biggest independent agencies have merged, as Barkley and OKRP have blended agencies to become BarkleyOKRP.

-Buy-side tech platforms are accusing publishers and the tech firms they work with of using deceptive practices to identify audiences.

-BBC Studios, the commercial arm of the broadcaster, is building awareness across the U.S. and will produce a brand campaign …

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