How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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Want a Better Love Life? Just Say THIS (Scripts) | Matthew Hussey [Video]

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Want a Better Love Life? Just Say THIS (Scripts) | Matthew Hussey

Struggle to find the right words in your relationship? Whether it’s fixing a misunderstanding, making sure your needs are met, or taking things to the next level – knowing what to say is critical to making love work. In today’s MarieTV, relationship expert Matthew Hussey shares his word-for-word scripts to tackle your trickiest relationship moments.

00:00 – The worst thing to do when heartbroken
10:24 – Matthew’s “handkerchief” method for attracting high-quality partners
13:00 – The mortifying question Matthew was forced to answered on stage
28:40 – How to instantly know if someone’s a match for you
40:22 – The shocking truth about why “chemistry” is total B.S.
46:37 – How to quickly uncover your new lover’s true intentions
50:30 – The biggest red flags to watch out for when dating
56:30 – What to say when you think they’re stringing you along
01:13:40 – How to know when you’re hanging on to a doomed relationship
01:32:25 – The one thing that makes you irresistible to your dream person
01:41:45 – The secret to finding true love – fast
01:51:33 – The shocking reason why they ‘ghost’ you
01:56:51 – How to quickly pull yourself out of a “love rut” and find your perfect match

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