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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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Advice on How to Build a Successful Tech Stack with this Restaurant IT Director [Video]

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Advice on How to Build a Successful Tech Stack with this Restaurant IT Director

William Connors, the Director of IT at Noble Restaurant Group, is helping lead a transformative journey in restaurant management by embracing and implementing cutting-edge technology solutions.

Watch now to learn about how technology can improve business, revolutionizing the CRM, and implementing Toast into all tech stacks.

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[01:14] – What is The Noble Restaurant Group?
[05:12] – Working for Popeyes
[09:39] – Implementing Toast
[12:54] – UK Restaurants
[21:34] – Building a Tech Stack

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Episode Links:
William Connors LinkedIn –
Noble Restaurant Group LinkedIn –
UK Restaurants Article by Toast –
Tenzo Restaurant Management –

Implementing Toast Improved Business – Willam Connors and The Noble Restaurant Group have implemented Toast technology in their restaurants with huge success. They have been able to increase efficiency and even save their clients money with the tools provided by Toast.

Revolutionizing Restaurant Management – Personalization is the separator in restaurant hospitality. The Noble Restaurant Group is taking the personal experience to a new level with the Tenzo restaurant management and sales forecasting app.

Toast is the Perfect Tech Stack Partner – The Noble Restaurant Group and Toast are partners in business. For William Connors, having Toast as the core of their tech stack has been invaluable to their success, and has been a top performing system in the UK.


William Connors is the Director of IT at Noble Restaurant Group. He has a passion for hospitality and has dedicated his career to maximizing restaurant performance. Prior to his current role, Connors held the same position at Ring International Holding, where he helped launch the first 20 Popeye’s in the United Kingdom.

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