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START to FINISH Social Media Video Editing in Premiere Pro (2024 Guide!)

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START to FINISH Social Media Video Editing in Premiere Pro (2024 Guide!)

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How do you edit vertical video? How do you setup your timeline efficiently? How do you resize video? What if you have a green screen with the ? How do you add broll? How do you add captions? How do you export? All of these questions will be answered and more!

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00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:16 – Creating a Sequence in Premiere Pro
00:01:46 – Adding a Clip to the Sequence
00:02:24 – Resizing and Positioning the Clip
00:03:05 – Using a Safe Zone Guide
00:04:00 – Color Grading and Nesting
00:04:41 – Creating a Rough Cut
00:05:51 – Adding Stock Footage
00:06:18 – Removing the Green Screen with ultra key effect
00:07:44 – Downloading Clips
00:10:50 – Adding Captions
00:15:16 – Important things to remember


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